Fail Sale Information

Dover Street Supply Co will offer "Fail Sales" twice per year to clear out "failed" colorways and left-over inventory at deeply discounted prices. Although they are considered fails and left-overs, they are still perfectly perfect yarns that can be used in all of your upcoming projects, for prices that you CAN NOT BEAT.

Additionally - throughout the year I use dyed samples of the colorways to work up swatches for customers to see - these slightly used cakes are only missing a few yards of yarn, or sometimes have not been used at all!  Read the listings carefully so you know exactly how much yardage you will receive!

Please read through the Q&A below for all the details regarding items that are ordered during one of our fail sales!

What is considered a "failed" colorway?
"Failed" colorways consist of yarns that turned out slightly too light or dark, yarns where the colors mixed together too much in the dye pots, or colors that I just did not love enough to put into the final collection.  

Why do the cakes have differing yardage listed?
The caked yarns you see in a Fail Sale have typically been used for swatching, and are missing anywhere from 1-7 yards of yarn from the original full skein.  These cakes are where the BEST deals are - so snatch them up while you can!

When will my yarn be shipped?
Products purchased during one of our fail sales is on hand and ready to ship.  You should receive a shipping notification within 3-5 days of purchase!

Will the colors be the same as what's pictured?
Yes!  The photographs in the listings for fail sale items are the actual items you are purchasing.  

Why are quantities so limited?
Fail Sale items are only what I have on hand.  It may only be one or two skeins of a failed colorway or a leftover colorway.  

Why am I forced to buy multiple skeins?
Fail sale items are listed in lots.  Sometimes those lots consist of a single skein and sometimes they are multiples.  Fail Sale lots are designed to move a lot of product, and clear out inventory.  Single skeins can always be purchased during any of our pre-order sales throughout the year!

As always - please let us know if you have any questions!

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