Fail Sale - Lot #038
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Fail Sale - Lot #038

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Lot #032

2 Skeins Corriedale hand spun/hand dyed wool in an Aran Weight

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Complete Lot (2 skeins):  $30.00

COLOR INFO:  You are purchasing the skeins shown in the picture.  Skeins are some handspun Corriedale wool that I picked up undyed at a fiber festival to experiment with dyeing other fibers.  Wool is not as soft as merino, but would be GREAT for baskets or something needing a sturdy fabric.  Same dye lot.  All sales final.


All bases are 100% Corriedale Wool (NOT superwash!!)
Hand Wash/Lay flat to dry

Exact yardage unknown - each skein is 100g